Please note that you are sponsoring the cost of ensuring attendees receive their required licensing credit, not marketing [i.e. face time].  Unforeseen situations that may prevent such marketing exposure will not reduce the sponsorship fee

What does sponsorship entail?
Sponsors are responsible for the cost to ensure the attendees will receive credit for the course scheduled. Sponsors will be given about 5-10 minutes prior to the course to introduce themselves to the group, talk about their services, company, etc. They are also able to provide marketing materials, literature, brochures, business cards, etc. (Some locations are a bit more strict on what can be brought in).

Are sponsors in charge of bringing food?
Some locations do request and/or allow sponsors to bring in food, but this cost is not affiliated with the CE  accreditation fee (this is an optional cost if you choose to do so). Once confirmed we will provide you with the contact information of the person onsite at the customer so you can ask any specific questions regarding what is allowed, food/restaurants in the area, final headcount, etc.

Am I allowed to receive a copy of the sign-in sheet after the course?
We are unable to provide a list of attendees to the sponsor after a course unless specifically directed otherwise by the customer.

If I am not an “approved vendor” of a specific organization. how can I become one?
We do not work to support vendor management policies for the customers we serve.  We encourage you to speak with vendor management at the company directly. We can, however, ask about your organization and let them know you have expressed interest in sponsoring/becoming a vendor.

What is the cost of Sponsorship?
Cost is dependent on how many states are being requested for a particular program and what credit type (Please request a current  fee schedule for more information).

Can we invite co-sponsors to reduce our cost?
We are always open to inviting co-sponsors (that are not a conflict of interest) to split the CE cost with you and share sponsorship. Keep in mind co-sponsors are never a guarantee so please confirm whether you are ok with being a sole sponsor for any particular course (if a co-sponsor does not confirm).

Will I still incur a fee if I have to cancel my sponsorship?
If the cancellation request is made far enough in advance [generally 30 days], the possibility of obtaining a replacement sponsor is more likely. There are however, circumstances that may preclude this such as; program applications that were paid to the state boards, the ability for CEU Institute to obtain another sponsor in the allotted time, or the co-sponsor did not budget for the entire program cost. Cancellations will be handled on a case by case basis.

What can I expect when sponsoring a live webinar if I’m not meeting the attendees?
In addition to the information above, a webinar sponsorship offers the following additional services:

  • Sponsors can provide information about their organization, contact information, and services to the attendees.  This is typically done by adding a few slides to the beginning and/or end of the presentation or verbal dialog within the webinar (if the technology and the webinar host allows).  The sponsor “spot” is limited to a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Each attendee that qualifies for CE credit receives a web link to provide their their contact and licencing information.   As a sponsor, your company name and website can be added (as requested) to the weblink auto-communication to each attendee.
  • Sponsors will have an opportunity to connect with a representative of the organization hosting the webinar to discuss the potential to distribute additional material or sponsor contact information to the attendees.  The contact information for the webinar host is always located on the Course Confirmations you receive from CEU Institute.  [CEU Institute cannot authorize or distribute attendee contact information.  This must be coordinated with the site location]