The Maryland Insurance Administration is advising licensees of the regulation change to continuing education requirements in Code of Maryland Regulations (“COMAR”) 31.03.02. The change adds certain types of insurance producers to the list of licensees that are required to obtain continuing education (“CE”) regarding flood insurance.

The regulation becomes effective on October 1, 2023.

Licensees shall obtain at least two hours of CE that directly relate to flood insurance as part of
the required hours of continuing education if they:
• Complete courses designated as “Property/Casualty” or “PC”,
• Have a license expiration date after April 1, 2024 (six months after the effective
date of this regulation), and
• Sell flood insurance, homeowners insurance, or commercial property insurance.

The two hours of flood CE is not in addition to the otherwise required property and casualty CE
hours. The total number of CE hours required for each renewal period will remain the same of 24hrs every 2 years.

Questions about the new requirements can be directed to Shelley Taylor-Barnes, Director of Producer Licensing,