As an instructor you are responsible for providing an unbiased presentation. You are encouraged to give a brief introduction of your qualifications, where you are presently employed, and your hands-on experience in the subject matter. You may also bring business cards but are not permitted to bring marketing materials or conduct any other solicitation.

  • Complete the Speaker Qualification Form(s):  CLICK HERE.
  • You will be provided an outline as a general guide to your presentation. The points of the outline must be met per State Accreditation; however, we encourage you to add your personal experiences and case studies to your program.  We also strongly encourage you to contact the onsite customer to further discuss content of your presentation. In order to be credentialed properly, the presentation needs to be unbiased in nature and free from marketing materials and products.
  • Final presentations are required by CEU Institute a minimum of two weeks in advance unless otherwise stated. If requested, the presentation is forwarded to the location for their review/approval.
  • CEU Institute does not share your presentation. As an accredited CE provider, we are required by the state boards and regulatory authorities to maintain a copy of the program records in order to facilitate audits for up to 5 years.
  • We cannot reserve a speaking opportunity without first approving your CV (Curriculum Vitae) to ensure that you have the required minimum 5 years experience within the topic. Once you have been approved, you will be sent an official confirmation that includes the logistics such as time/place/topic etc. These confirmations are sent out at 90, 30 and 7 days prior to the presentation date.
  • As a presenter you are not responsible for providing food for the attendees or CE credits, the sponsor will make arrangements for the attendees to receive any requested food items and CEU Institute will manage all components of CE accreditation.
  • We ask that the speaker(s) arrive 30 minutes in advance for sign-in procedures in “closed” facilities and A/V setup.

Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you so very much for assisting us in presenting this very necessary training to our care management staff.
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Am I paid an honorarium or reimbursed for travel?
Generally, honorariums and travel reimbursement is NOT paid. The speaking engagements we offer are valuable opportunities to engage with a captured audience of potential referral sources. They are also great platforms to relay your experience and establish yourself as an expert on the topic

What qualifies someone to be a speaker?
The minimum qualification is 5 years of hands on experience within the subject matter.  This is typically determined by an updated CV.  We will assist in the application approval however, certain licensing boards require advanced or specific instructor approval.  If your speaking assignment falls within one of these requirements, we will request the additional information. Note  that this is required BEFORE the presentation takes place.  As an approved provider, we do not use the information provided for any purpose other than seeking the state approval.

Can you provide me with a presentation sample?
We will provide you with an outline to be used as a general guide for your presentation and should we have a sample presentation we can provide that to you as well. We always encourage you to contact the onsite rep to further discuss the content of your presentation, as they know what areas or angle they would like you to present to their team.

Why do you need my presentation?
Your presentation is needed because as an accredited provider, CEU Institute is required to maintain a record of all programs given under our providership.  This will allow us to meet the compliance requirements of the licensing boards for the program as well as your approved presenter status.

How soon do you need my presentation?
The earlier the better, but unless otherwise stated your presentation is due a minimum of two weeks in advance.

Can I receive credits for speaking?
You can receive credits IF the client has requested the state and type of credits you need as part of their program.

How long should my presentation be?
Your presentation must be the length stated in your confirmation, if the presentation is for 1 hour you must speak for a minimum of 50 minutes, leaving 10 minutes at the end for Q&A.

Am I responsible for bringing in food?
As a speaker your sole responsibility is to provide the attendees with an unbiased presentation. You are not responsible for providing food as it will be taken care of by the sponsor of the program.

Will a computer/projector be available?
Most sites will have a projector available but  we do ask the presenter to bring in a laptop or USB drive with the presentation. If you need AV equipment, please ask the CEU Institute to check with the onsite rep about availability.

How do I know where to go?
All information, such as location, time, topic, contact person etc. is listed on the Electronic Confirmation you receive once you are confirmed as the speaker and again at 90, 30 and 7 days.

What happens if I can’t make it?
We understand that unforeseen events occur, please notify the CEU Institute immediately if you are unable to fulfill your commitment and we will try and secure another presenter for the client to avoid cancellation of the program.  Any assistance in finding a replacement presenter for the client is greatly appreciated.

How early should I arrive?
We ask that the speaker(s) arrive 30 minutes early due to sign-in procedures in “closed” facilities and A/V setup