Georgia CLE Sponsor Fee Reduced

Georgia CLE Sponsor Fee has been reduced to $4 per CLE hour per attendee effective July 1, 2019

For courses held after June 30, 2019, and for distance learning courses attended after June 30, 2019, the sponsor fee has been reduced from $5 per CLE hour per attendee to $4 per CLE hour per attendee.

New Sponsor Fee Regulation – effective July 1, 2019

Regulation (1) to Rule 8-103 (C)

(1) Sponsor Fee. The Sponsor fee, a charge paid directly by the sponsor, is required for all approved programs held within Georgia and for distance learning programs attended by Georgia attorneys. It is optional for approved programs held elsewhere. Sponsors shall remit the fee, together with a list showing the names and Georgia Bar membership numbers of all Georgia attendees, within thirty (30) days after the program is held. The amount of the fee is set at $4.00 per approved CLE hour per active State Bar of Georgia member in attendance. It is computed as shown in the following example:

Georgia per hour per attendee CLE Fee $4
Multiplied by total approved CLE hours x 3 hours
Multiplied by number of GA attorney attendees x 10 attendees
Equals the total sponsor fee due $120 sponsor fee

Note: The sponsor fee is based on the total number of approved CLE hours with no additional fee for professionalism, ethics or trial hours.