Producer / Agent Continuing Education Requirements

This information is provided as a courtesy to individuals who are subject to continuing education (CE) for the license types indicated below. Although reasonable efforts have been made, CEU Institute nor its employees warrant or represent that this information is accurate and current. Please check the state websites for the most current regulations.

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Producer Requirements
Alaska24hr/2yrs (3 Ethics)
Licensed resident producers who sell federal flood insurance policies are required to complete a one time 3 hour requirement on flood insurance. DOI will not pre-approve courses. The licensee will be responsible for selecting courses that meet the requirements of the CE regulations.
ArakansasP&C 8hrs/yr
2 Lines - 30hrs/yr
(3hrs Ethics)
Arizona1 line - 20hr/yr
2 lines - 30hrs/yr
(3hr Ethics)
California24hr/yr (3hr Ethics) for Accident, Health, and Prop & Casualty, Fire & Casualty
(New 3hr Ethics effective Jan 2014)
(3 Ethics or Regulation or Law)
(3 Ethics)
FloridaResident: 24hr/2yr
(includes 5hr law & ethics update)
GeorgiaRes: with less than 20 yrs = 15hrs/yrs (3hrs Ethics)
Residents: with more than 20 yrs = 10hrs/yr (3hrs Ethics)
HawaiiFor licensees with L/H or P/C = 24hrs/2yrs (3hr Law or Ethics)
For licensees with L/H and P/C = 24hrs/2yrs (10hrs in L/H, 11hrs in P/C, 2hrs Ethics or Law)
Iowa36hr/3yr (3 Ethics)
Idaho24hr/2yr (3 Ethics or Law)
Illinois24hr/2yr (3 Ethics)
Indiana40hr/4yrs for 4yr license
20hr/2yrs for 2yr license
Kansas1 Line - 12hr/2yr
Multi-Line - 24hr/2yr
(2 Ethics)
(3 Ethics for Health and Acc, P&C, or Personal Lines)
(3 Ethics for P&C or Personal Lines)
Massachussets45hrs/3yrs (3 ethics)(Based on orig. Lic date).
Newly licensed to complete 60hrs (3 ethics) for renewal.
MarylandResidents: 24hr/2yr (3 Ethics) with major line of authority.
(3 Ethics)
(3 Ethics)
(3 Ethics)
Missouri1 line - 16hr/2yrs
Multi-Line - 16hr/2yrs
MississippiResident: 12hr/yr
(2 Ethics)
Montana24hr/2yrs of Montana-approved insurance CE. 1hr must address legislative changes to Montana insurance statutes. Licensees of reciprocal states that meet the CE requirements of their resident states are exempt
North CarolinaResident: 24hr/2yr
(3hrs Ethics)
(3hrs Flood)
North Dakota24hrs/2yrs
(3hr Ethics)
Single line of authority for crop ins. required 12hrs (3hrs Ethics)
(3hr Ethics)
New Hampshire24hrs/2 yrs
(3 Ethics)
New Jersey48hrs/4yr
New Mexico15hr/yr
(1 Ethics)
New York15hrs/2yrs
Ohio24hr/2 yrs
(3 Ethics)
(3 Ethics)
(2hr Legislative Update)
Oregon24hrs/2 yrs
(3 Ethics)
(3hr Oregon Law)
Rhode Island24hr/2hr
(3 Ethics)
South Carolina24hr/2hr
(3 Ethics)
South Dakota10hr/2yrs
20hrs/2yrs for combo L&H and P&C producers
(3 Ethics)
(2hrs Ethics)
Utah24hrs/ 2yr (3hr Ethics)
(2hr Ethics & Law & Regs)
(3hr Ethics)
(3hr Ethics)
(3hr Ethics)
West Virginia24hrs/2yrs
(3hr Ethics)
(3hr Ethics)


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