CE Carryover for Michigan Producers

With the implementation of PA 67 of 2017, Michigan Producers and Solicitors whose licensed require CE have the potential to carry over hours from the current review period to the next review period.

Carryover takes effect 7/1/2018 for Producers and Solicitors with 7/1/2018 CE review date and later.

If a licensee completes additional CE hours in the current review period, up to 12 may be applied (carries over) to the new review period.  Licensees must first be compliant with their current CE review period to be eligible for carry over hours.  ALL carry over hours will count toward General hours even if earned as Ethics.

For more information, contact the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services office via email at DIFS-Licensing@michigan.gov or call 877-999-6442.