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Tennessee Certified Work Comp Adjuster Program

The TN Bureau of Workers’ Compensation wants to ensure that injured workers return to their health and to their jobs as quickly as possible.  To help meet these goals, an Adjuster Certification Program was developed to educate adjusters about the requirements of Tennessee’s workers’ compensation laws, rules and regulations. The purpose of this program is two-fold: assure that injured employees are treated fairly, and to assure that Tennessee workers’ compensation claims are handled in an appropriate and uniform manner.

The program is conducted by Bureau staff including judges, program directors, and the assistant administrator. Training sessions are offered periodically through the year. Insurance adjusters who attend the two-day class, and then pass a final exam can be recognized by the Bureau as “certified”. This designation indicates a higher level of understanding of Tennessee’s workers’ compensation claims handling standards, the time frames for providing benefits and the improved communications that result from early and continued contact with each person involved in the claim. This designation can also prove to be a marketing advantage for adjusters and the carriers/Third Party Administrators as employers looking to obtain workers’ compensation insurance will be able to access the list of certified adjusters and certified adjusting entities.

CE is NOT required.  An adjuster’s certification expires 24 months from the date of designation. Notice will be sent to certified adjusters at least thirty calendar days prior to the expiration of their certification.

More information can be found on the Bureau site: HERE


Colorado Supreme Court Ending Reciprocity for CLE Reporting

Colorado currently has reciprocity with any mandatory CLE state.  The CO Supreme Course office policy on reciprocity will end this year.  After December 31, 2018, they will not allow attorneys to report credits through reciprocity, unless they were completed by December 31, 2018.   Beginning January 1, 2019, all CLE credits being reported must be for programs accredited in Colorado.

Check for updates at CO Continuing Legal Information:


New Oklahoma Flood Requirement

Insurance professionals in Oklahoma will soon be required to expand their knowledge on flood insurance.  Beginning January 1, 2019, the Oklahoma Insurance Department (OID) will require at least 1 hour of continuing education on flood coverage.  All resident agents, CSRs and adjusters with a Property line of authority will be required to complete 1 hour of continuing education under the Flood course category per renewal cycle.  This new requirement will be included in the 24 hours (CSRs 13 hours) as general credits.

Should you have any questions regarding this notice, contact the OK OID Education Division at


New Mobile App from NIPR for Producers

NIPR – NIPR has launched a new mobile app for insurance professionals which will allow access to licensing information on mobile devices. Future versions of the app will allow insurance professionals the ability to renew licenses. It is available on the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store.



Alabama Extends License Renewal Time

Alabama – Section 4 of Insurance Regulation No. 110 [Rule 482-1-110-.04], which sets forth the procedures for renewal of licenses for producers and service representatives, was amended to extend the time within which licensees can renew a license from 75 days to 90 days prior to license expiration.  The amendments are effective January 1, 2019, and will apply to licensees whose licenses expire January 31, 2019, and thereafter.

CE Carryover for Michigan Producers

With the implementation of PA 67 of 2017, Michigan Producers and Solicitors whose licensed require CE have the potential to carry over hours from the current review period to the next review period.

Carryover takes effect 7/1/2018 for Producers and Solicitors with 7/1/2018 CE review date and later.

If a licensee completes additional CE hours in the current review period, up to 12 may be applied (carries over) to the new review period.  Licensees must first be compliant with their current CE review period to be eligible for carry over hours.  ALL carry over hours will count toward General hours even if earned as Ethics.

For more information, contact the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services office via email at or call 877-999-6442.

CEU Institute and AAWCP form strategic partnership.

The CEU Institute ( and the American Academy of Workers’ Compensation Physicians (, two of the industry’s premier organizations facilitating training and continuing education events specific to professionals in the Workers’ Compensation field, have agreed to work together to offer their respective members additional value, including bringing AAWCP members in to provide Workers’ Compensation In-Services for CE credits to CEU Institute clients.

“We are very excited to be working with the CEU Institute to pair AAWCP member physicians to the CEU Workers’ Compensation In-Services,” said Cynthia Cleave, President, of the AAWCP.  “These educational seminars enable our AAWCP members to network directly with the Case Managers and it gives the CEU Case Managers a chance to learn from these doctors at their own office location.”

Per the CEU Institute:  “We look forward to the relationship with AAWCP for our workers compensation customers seeking in-depth training and knowledgeable presenters for the CE programs we facilitate,” said Jill Benner, Executive Vice President, CEU Institute. “The field of workers compensation has unique circumstances and diagnoses, state regulations, and medical guidelines that are different and highly specialized in this industry.  We are pleased to work with AAWCP workers compensation qualified physicians to offer training programs to enhance the learning of our adjuster and nurse audiences.”



The CEU Institute ( is a National CE, CLE, CPE accreditation management organization.  Many insurance, healthcare, legal, and accounting organizations strategically plan internal and external CE programs for their employees and clients. Most do not have internal continuing education departments that offer the continuously changing topic requests and license accreditation’s required in their industries.  Some have internal CE departments, but do not wish to continue the “heavy lifting” and audit trails and liability in conjunction with CE. CEU Institute formed in 2002 to fill this need and serve clients in the Insurance, Healthcare, Legal, and Accounting industries.

The American Academy of Workers’ Compensation Physicians (AAWCP) ( ) was founded to provide an adequate forum to assist Physicians who know and like Workers’ Compensation and want to make headway into the maze that is the current Workers’ Compensation industry.  The Academy’s Mission is to train physicians in Workers’ Compensation and help streamline the communications with all parties involved in a Workers’ Compensation claim in order to strive to improve the outcomes for all parties…especially the claimant/patient. We firmly believe that the selection of the right doctor at the beginning of a Workers’ Compensation claim makes all the difference.

Oregon Adjuster Update

From the Oregon Department of Financial Services:  Beginning January 1, 2019, Oregon will not renew a non-resident adjuster license for an individual from a non-reciprocal state until they confirm that the applicant has passed the Oregon exam