Delaware Non-Resident Adjuster CE Requirements Update

Due  to  law  change,  Delaware  non-resident  adjusters  and  non-resident  public  adjusters  will  now  be required to complete (12) credit hours of continuing education, three (3) of which shall be in ethic subjects during each biennial reporting period.

Delaware will reciprocate with an individual completing their C.E. in their home state or designated home state.  If their home state or designated home state does not require C.E. completion, Delaware will accept approved course from another state as long as it meets Delaware’s 12 credit requirement.

Adjusters licensed for the lines of Surety and/or Marine and Transportation are exempt from completing continuing education.

The Department will grant extensions for good cause shown. The extension shall  not exceed twelve (12) months. The extension will  not alter the requirements or due date of the succeeding biennium period. “Good cause” includes disability, natural disaster, or other extenuating circumstances. Each request for extension of time shall be in writing from the licensee and shall include details and any documentation to support the request. Each request must be received by the Department no less than thirty (30) days before the expiration of the biennium  period.