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Nevada Adjuster Updates – CE and New License Types

Effective July 1, 2018, Nevada has made the following changes in the licensing and continuing education requirements:

24 hours of CE is required for renewals.  3 of the hours must be in Ethics.

The Division is offering a Workers Compensation line of authority o existing Independent Adjusters.

A new Staff Adjuster license if available for individual employees who adjust Workers Compensation claims on behalf of a Third Party.

A new Company Adjuster license is available to salaried employees who adjust Workers Compensation claims in Nevada and are employed by an insurance company.

Licensees will notice a change in the description of the line of authority indicated on the license. The line of authority has been updated to “Adjuster Property and Casualty.” The Workers Compensation line will be “Adjuster Workers Compensation.” These descriptions will better distinguish between a producer line of authority for Property or  casualty and an adjuster line of authority for Property and Casualty. No action needs to be taken regarding this change. Licensees may reprint their license with the current line of authority after July 2, 2018.

Additional information can be found here:  Nevada DOI


Florida Creates a Designated Home State Adjuster License

Florida is creating a unique Designated Home State (DHS) adjuster (70-20) license and will begin participating in the NIPR DHS initiative in the very near future.  The planned implementation date is set for May12, 2016.

Florida has been working closely with many companies/entities with currently licensed Florida non-resident adjusters that are interested in officially designating Florida as his/her home state.  Any entities that have currently licensed Florida non-resident All-Lines or Property & Casualty adjusters wanting to convert to our new DHS adjuster license may do so by emailing them at:  (They prefer that companies/entities email us their list of adjusters vs. all the individual adjusters emailing us separately.)  No application will be required to convert the license.  Fingerprints also will not be required since these adjusters already submitted fingerprints when they obtained their original non-resident adjuster license in Florida.

In order to qualify for conversion, the non-resident adjuster must have a valid Florida non-resident All-Lines or Property & Casualty adjuster license and have met at least one of the following:

  • Passed Florida’s adjuster licensing examination
  • Obtained one of the adjuster designations in Florida statute that exempts the licensing examination
    • (FYI – These 40-hour designation courses are required by law to have an examination at the end of the course that is equivalent to Florida adjuster licensing examination.)
  • Passed an adjuster examination in one of the states Florida is reciprocal with in terms of licensing. A list of reciprocal states is available online at

Individuals who do not qualify for conversion, or currently do not have a non-resident adjuster license in Florida, can apply for our new DHS adjuster (70-20) license online via our website on or after May 12, 2016.  These individuals must pass Florida’s adjuster licensing examination or obtain one of the designations mentioned in the second bullet above, and submit fingerprints.

These new licenses will be uploaded to the PDB and will display as a unique Florida DHS adjuster license type.  Once the Florida DHS adjuster license is uploaded to the PDB, the NIPR DHS application can then be used to apply for non-resident adjuster licenses in other states.

Anyone who has an active DHS adjuster license in another state will need to remove their DHS designation for that state before we will issue a Florida DHS license.

Individuals living in a state that licenses adjusters are not eligible for a Florida DHS license.

Anyone who holds this new DHS adjuster license will be required to complete Florida’s adjuster CE requirement as if he/she was a resident adjuster, no exceptions.

If you have any questions about Florida’s DHS adjuster licensing initiative, please email them at:


Licensing Changes for Florida Agents and Adjusters

On October 1, 2012, Florida will be changing the CE requirements for Adjuster/Agents. In order to eliminate the breakdown of credit (Law, Ethics, General, etc) licensees will now be required to take ONE “5 hour update” course every two years. Under the new law, licensees will be required to take a five-hour course that will include revisions in the insurance code, industry trends, disciplinary actions and insurance products.  The remaining 19 hours can be taken in whatever category they choose.

The first compliance period that will be affected is October 2014.


Lawmakers also changed the licensing of adjusters so they no longer have to maintain multiple licenses.


For more information:

Georgia Requiring Citizenship Affidavit Effective 1-1-2012

Effective 1-1-2012, Georgia requires a Citizenship affidavit of persons making application for all licenses, permits, registrations and certifications in order to comply with the Georgia Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act. 

This requires that all speakers being certified by CEU Institute in GA will require a copy of an approved ID (DL, Passport, etc.)

Affidavit form:




On October 30, 2009, NC announced that beginning January 6, 2010 a North Carolina licensee’s individual National Producer Number (NPN) will be required as the unique identifier when submitting course rosters. The NPN will also be required to access a licensee’s online transcript. You can view that notice on the North Carolina Provider
Information webpage at

The effective date of this change has been moved from January 6, 2010 to December 30, 2009. Beginning January 1, 2010, another state’s CE program is moving away from the use of SSNs as a licensee’s unique identifier. In order to implement these 2 program changes with the least amount of disruption to our CE Online Services and your ability to access those services, the program changes will be implemented at the same time.

December 30, 2009 is the date selected for those implementations.

New requirements for Oklahoma Producers and Adjusters

As of November 1, 2009, the following CE requirements will go into effect for OK:

  • Resident producers with the exception of Title and Aircraft Title producers will be required to complete twenty (24) hours of CE, including three (3) hours of ethics, during each biennial renewal period. (Please note: any producer who intends to sell Medicare Advantage products and plans including PFFS and Part- D and/or Long Term Care products and plans have additional CE requirements which must be met during each biennial renewal period. Please visit the Oklahoma Insurance Department website at for additional information)
  • Resident Title and Aircraft Title producers will have to complete sixteen (16) hours of CE, including (2) hours of ethics, during each biennial renewal period.
  • Customer Service Representatives will now be required to complete thirteen (13) hours of CE, including three (3) hours of ethics, during each biennial renewal period.
  • All Resident Adjusters will now be required to complete twenty-four (24) hours of CE, including three (3) hours of ethics, during each biennial renewal period.